I am an Optimist;
a photographer who came from theater and cinema, someone who enjoys listening to every moment that wants to be stamped in time.

studio Collection

Introducing my latest collection, showcasing striking imagery from the sessions.

Street Collection

Wonderful people from all around the world. I surf in the streets trying to catch a part of the story from every soul.


doc Collection

When an event or a special moment for someone occurs in front of me, I believe it needs to be documented. It's pure beauty; it has to leave a memory.


projects Collection

Showcase about my imaginary.
Different projects that talk about my attempts to understand this world.

Depth Everywhere

Most people react in three ways when confronted with a situation- dependent on it's type: Forget it a few seconds later, Remember it for a few days and then have it fade to their subconscious memory, or Remember it forever as if to be able to relive it over and over. My passion is to make every moment live forever, as if stamped in time.